LOVE - an Essential Nutrient?

Breakfast is one of the most treasured rituals that most people keep. Setting the stage for the day ahead, do you ever think of how you nourish yourself in those early hours as an opportunity to welcome warmth and love in?

The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is often dismissed and seen as flippant, but we are curiously nudging that notion further and inspiring people to really ponder it. The food you consume - its nutrients and energy - are physiologically transforming and fuelling your body, each and every moment. When you really think about it, isn’t that incredible? 

Every step of the way, Made with Local foods are sourced, produced, and delivered with care. Our production kitchens hum with good vibes and a deep culture of love and appreciation for the ingredients that come in and for the finished, yummy products that go out. So when we say that our Real Food Bars and Loaded Oats are love-filled, we mean it. Mircro-nutrients are the building blocks and catalysts for our body's structures and functions, and we whole-heartedly believe that nourishing food that's created with love has a symbiotic energy that will be transferred on to you, too. 

So a greater question to consider, as you go on with the rest of your day, “How would your approach to nourishment change if you thought about LOVE as an essential nutrient?” We’d love to hear your thoughts and musings. 

p.s. our #LoadedOatsLove contest is starting Monday, March 20th. Share your photo of your Loaded Oats creation on social using that hashtag and you could win a prize pack of love-filled foods, valued at $90! Official launch announcement, coming soon!