Meet the Maker - Supernatural Kitchen's Rainbow Chips!

Supernatural Kitchen is a rad, women-led company created by founder & CEO Carmel Hagen. In 2012 she started this innovative food brand making fun and colourful baking ingredients that are (wait for it) DYE FREE and plant-based! 

Their incredible sprinkles, chocolate chips, and frostings are without preservatives and nasty dyes. They are free from Top-8 allergens by ingredient. Oh and they are still *really* freaking delicious. 

When we new we wanted to do a 'sprinkle' bar, we searched high and low for a sprinkle/chip option that gave us the POP of colour we were craving while aligning with our values of 100% real food and no ingredients that are harmful to people or the planet.

When we discovered Supernatural Kitchen and their incredible Rainbow Chips - we were OVER THE MOON at their deliciousness, and ultra-simple ingredients list. They were exactly what we were looking for.

Set your clocks for the launch of our collaboration with Supernatural Kitchen! Our new Rainbow Chip Real Food Bar is launching March 22, 2023 in our online shop, for a limited time only!