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We may have started out small, selling our homemade bars at a tiny farmers market table, but we've always been committed to leading the way in sourcing our ingredients as locally as possible. In today's world, it's easier than ever to connect with people digitally, but sometimes that can make us feel more disconnected from our communities and the food we eat. That's where Made with Local comes in. We believe that getting to know the people who grow your food can be good for your body and your mind, and it can even help to strengthen our communities. So, let's take this opportunity to meet the amazing folks whose foods make MwL possible!


Local ingredients across Canada


You know what's super sweet (pun intended)? Cosman & Whidden Honey. They're a family-owned honey producer in Nova Scotia that have been supplying us and thousands of other Nova Scotians with delicious local wildflower honey for the past decade. And their pure, unpasteurized honey also acts as a natural preservative in our Real Food Bars. Talk about a win-win!


Nova Scotia is renowned for our blueberries and Van Dyk's are the tastiest in the land! This family-owned wild blueberry farm in Caldonia, Nova Scotia has a proprietary drying process that locks in all that delicious blueberry flavor and keeps a perfect chewy texture. We're big fans of their tasty berries and their inspiring family story.


David and Evelyn Ernst are the farmers & owners of Terra Beata farm in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and they have been supplying us with their tart local cranberries since our farmers market days! Straight from their own bog, their cranberries contain 30% less sugar than other brands and arefree of sulphites and additives.


Earthli was founded in 2016 by David Giffin after he discovered the amazing nutritional properties of hemp while training for Ironman competitions. Good for people and the planet, Earthli's nourishing hemp seeds are grown by a small group of trusted farmers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI, on Canada’s East Coast.


Looking for the creamiest, yummiest nut butters around? Look no further than Nuts to You! This independent, family-owned company based in Paris, Ontario knows how to do it right. Their butters are made with ethically sourced nuts and seeds, and they keep it simple - no additives, just pure roasted nuts and seeds. Trust us, your taste buds (and belly) will thank you.


Osprey Bluffs Honey is owned and operated by Hugh Simpson. Hugh’s bees forage and collect nectar from wild flowers across the pristine fields and forests of Grey, Bruce Dufferin, and Simcoe Counties in Ontatrios where many of his apiaries have been on the same farmstead for a half century or more. The honey is then collected by us by hand at the Osprey Bluffs honey house and then delivered to our Made with Local bakery!


We source the finest, fair-trade and organic certified chocolate, cooca and coconut from La Siembra , a worker-owned co-op in Ottawa, Canada. Their sourcing practices are amongst the highest regarded & ethical in North America and we're honoured to have their beautiful ingredients as part of our foods.


Jacob MacKellar is an innovative young farmer in Ontario, Canada who's doing what very few other Canadian farmers have had success with - growing many acres of snacking-grade pumpkin seeds, right here. The world's pumpkin seed supply largely comes from China and Austria - and we're thrilled to have MacKellar Farms homegrown pumpkin seeds in many of our foods!


Gathering Place Trading is a family business co-founded by Lovena and Ryan Harvey in Cortez Island, BC. They mindfully source fair & direct trade spices, tea and more from farmers across the world. Their organic spices are pure, potent and bring incredible flavour to many of our foods.


Farmer Direct Organic recognizes the hard work and dedication of its farmers, and values its partnerships with them. In fact, some relationships with farmers go back over a decade, and have even included shared meals and home visits. By paying farmers fairly, Farmer Direct Organic is able to support fair pay for workers and help farmers reinvest in their communities. Fair pay also allows farmers to focus on quality and come up with creative solutions, resulting in nutrient-dense organic food for families. The company is proud to support agricultural transparency and rely on the integrity of its farmers and growers. Made with Local is honoured to partner with FDO and be a part of its harvest and story.