Cosman and Whidden Honey

Tom Cosman and Mary Ann Whidden have been keeping bees and making sweet, sweet Nova Scotian honey for decades! They began experimenting with a couple of hives, just as a hobby, in 1977 and now own many, spanning 50 different farms in 4 Nova Scotia counties. Their bees pollinate orchards, blueberry bushes, and flowers in the valleys, meadows and rolling hills of rural Nova Scotia.
Cosman and Whidden is very much a family affair, with all of Tom and Mary Ann’s children playing a role in the beekeeping and retail sales roles. They can be met in person each week at Halifax’s Seaport Farmer’s Market, selling their honey to locals and visitors alike.
Made with Local uses Cosman and Whidden liquid honey; they also produce creamed honey and honey in the comb. All of their products are pure, unpasteurized, and act as a 100% natural preservative in all of our bars.