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Founder Story


Back in 2011, Sheena was feeling uninspired by the lack of healthy options in the snack aisle at her local grocery store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Wanting a delicious and nourishing snack her young family could enjoy, Sheena began baking up a storm! What resulted was lots of tasty snacks packed with nourishing simple ingredients sourced from local farmers.


Sheena wanted the whole community to get a taste of her healthy treats, so she brought Made with Local to a farmer’s market table where it soon grew in popularity. With so much demand for her Real Food Bars and a baby on the way, she was going to need a little more help in the kitchen! For some helping hands, Sheena went to the Flower Cart Group. They were a perfect fit because they aligned with her values of creating positive social impact and helped keep her bars homemade AND made with love. Years later and Sheena and her friends at the Flower Cart Group are still baking tons of delicious snacks now available across Canada!

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