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Bread and Butter Pottery - Cloud Bowl

Made with Local

Bread & Butter Pottery is handmade in Halifax Nova Scotia with lots of love and attention to detail. Each piece is carefully made using high-fire stoneware clay, and decorated by hand with food-safe glazes. Bringing together the best of all worlds, Bread & Butter Pottery is lighthearted functional ware for your heart and your home.

From maker, Bethany,

"Making pottery is my full-time job, and I enjoy it immensely. I share a studio with good friends which is a lot of fun- we get to troubleshoot together, inspire and support each other, share snacks and tell each other jokes. This playfulness definitely finds its way into my work, as does daily life on the east coast: the wind, the rain, the sparkling sea and the stories are huge inspirations for me. I love the history and imagery that comes along with the connection to the sea- it is really exciting to translate these elements into my work."

This sweet little bowl is 4" in diameter and is perfect for your morning yogurt & granola, fruit, or Loaded Oats, of course!

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Type: Pottery

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