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SheEO is a global community of women supporting women in their quest to build more socially impactful businesses. SheEO is helping female innovators emerge by supporting them on their own terms by being radically generous to one another.


Sheena had been in business for about 5 years before becoming a SheEO venture. Being based in Nova Scotia she was feeling a bit “far from the action” of large urban cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. SheEO was a way to create a welcoming network of supportive women.

“I applied to be a SheEO venture because we knew that our purpose-led business would flourish with support from like-minded women. And the amount of support you receive in the SheEO community is incredible. They push everyone in the network to be ‘Radically Generous’ and operate in a way where they truly believe the network has everything it needs to prosper; a true model of abundance.” — Sheena


Sheena was just on the verge of launching her Real Food Bars into national retailers when she started her SheEO venture, and she said the bonds she made with her SheEO peers gave her a much-needed “confidence-booster” to keep going.

“The bonds formed in my 2018 cohort of ventures happened quickly and still run deep. Every one of us is building a company that’s tackling ‘The Worlds’ To-Do List’, aka the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Women build businesses differently. We work from the heart.”— Sheena

It’s been a year since her SheEO experience and Sheena says her cohort is still in “consistent contact to support each other whenever possible.” She says her biggest takeaway from SheEO is that “living your life in a radically generous way is transformational and can change the world.” Sheena continues to change the world, finding ways to make a social impact in her every move with Made with Local!

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