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Find Ruthie’s Gingerbread People!

Ruthie is getting into the gingerbread season spirit this year with her very own giveaway. She’s made 12 gingerbread Real Food Bars into the shape of gingerbread people for you to find.

If you’re the lucky ginger-head to unwrap one of Ruthie’s gingerbread people, you’ll win one of 12 amazing Made with Local Gingerbread Gift Packs!

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1. If you open your Real Food Bar to find a gingerbread person, take a picture and send it to along with your code! We’ll send out your Made with Local gingerbread prize pack: a case of gingerbread Real Food Bars and a gingerbread Granola Bar Mix bundle!

2. Gingerbread people bars are being sent to retail stores as well as our online store, so you can get in on the action no matter how you shop.

3. If you happen to submit your gingerbread person after gingerbread season has ended, your prize may be less ginger-y, but it will still be amazing (and of equal value)!

4. For a no purchase entry, please follow the instructions here.