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Want to Help Nourish Your Community?

It’s easy - join our Made with Local Community Leaders!

It’s an easy job that makes a BIG impact!

Made with Local is trying to get real Canadian food made by social enterprises into the hands of Canadian consumers and we want YOU to help us make a good first impression.
We’re in need of a few helpful hands to straighten out Made with Local products on retail shelves. The job is super easy but rewarding–all you need to do is go to 3 stores per month, straighten out our products on store shelves and take a picture for proof! That’s it!


So, what do our Community Leaders get in return?

We have lots of yummy ways to say thank you–including 2 FREE boxes of Made with Local Real Food Variety Packs per month AND plenty more yummy surprises (TBD!).

What Are You Waiting for?

The mission is simple, and the rewards are oh-so-sweet! Apply for Real Food Star status now!

Apply Now!



Will I have to post anything to my own social media?

Nope! However, when you submit photos, we do ask if you consent to us using them on our social channels.



How Long is the Commitment to the Program?

We expect you to commit to it for a minimum of 4 months and go to at least 3 stores per month.



Who Gets Chosen to Be Part of the Program?

Once you’ve applied, your social media channels and online presence will be screened to ensure you align with our values. We do not choose based on follower counts, though high online engagement is considered a plus!



The fine print:No offer of employment is being made from or for Made with Local.You are not an employee of Made with Local.You are a volunteer contractor.No compensation for travel, gas, or insurance is being provided to participants.You are volunteering your time to help our present a clean and visible product line up on shelves and are being provided Made with Local product in consideration for your help.