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Real Food Bar MIX - Cranberry Choco-Chunk

Made with Local

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A perfectly - portioned pouch of mindfully sourced ingredients, ready to be made into our Real Food Bars, in your home kitchen! 

We've designed this yummy product with the busy, health-conscious family in mind. Just add honey and your favourite nut or seed butter, and a big dose of LOVE! Pop them in the oven for 10 minutes and voila! A pan of nourishing, real-food snacks to pack for your week's lunches. 

Cranberry Choco-Chunk begins with a base of toasty organic oats, combined with organic, fair-trade coconut, dark chocolate chips, PEI-grown organic pumkpin seeds and tart cranberries grown in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Our Real Food Bar Mixes are endlessly customizable and is just waiting for your own special touch. 

Ingredients: LOVE, organic oats, cranberries, organic fair-trade dark chocolate (cacao mass, cane sugar, cacao butter), organic pumpkin seeds. 

May contain traces of wheat.

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