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Gingerbread - Limited Edition!

Made with Local

You will also be able to customize the “To” and “From” tag to include your sweetheart’s name and your name (or a pseudonym, if you are a secret admirer!).

For an EXTREMELY limited time only, our best-ever batch of Gingerbread Real Food Bars are available online!

We are having a hard time building up inventory of these little beauties because they are SO damn tasty. They're molasses-y and spicy and will be a real treat for true gingerbread fans. A perfect companion to a chilly morning's cuppa coffee or tea.

12 Bars/Carton

    Ingredients: oats, almond butter, molasses, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, honey, ginger, pumpkin pie spice

    Contains: tree nuts. May contain: peanuts, wheat.

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