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Dream, WRITE THAT SHIZ DOWN, Manifest, Realize, Repeat.

Dream, WRITE THAT SHIZ DOWN, Manifest, Realize, Repeat.

July 24, 2017

I am a sucker for a fantastic day planner. I love dialling in and plotting down my tasks and scribbles the old-fashioned way, with good ol' pen & paper. So when a dear friend of mine suggested I get a Passion Planner agenda last Fall, I was all-in. I picked up a couple for the in-house MwL lady team and immediately fell in love with its design. 

Passion-driven goal setting, mindfulness prompts, lots of space to doodle. PERFECTION!

One of the things I love most about this planner is that at the beginning of the year, it asks you to make a 'Passion Plan'. Asking yourself 'IF I COULD BE ANYTHING, DO ANYTHING, OR HAVING ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE?' and then your writing down your answers for 3 months out, 1 year out, 3 years out, and Lifetime forces to your think about your BIG goals from a very macro-level perspective. High consciousness planning that reminds you to stay the course when the day-to-day stuff gets hard. An entrepreneur's compass! We were sold.

So one night in December 2016 I filled in my 2017 Passion Plan. It has a list of personal and professional goals, one of them being to have our Made with Local foods available in every Canadian province by the end of 2017. Today is the day I've been able to scratch that massive milestone off of our list and I am SO grateful to our whole extended team and Bulk Barn Canada for being the pathway towards this dream of mine!

Passion Planner - Made with Local Loaded Oats in Bulk Barn

As of today, our Loaded Oats are now available at over 230 Bulk Barn stores in Canada! Every Canadian province, yes...Yes...YES! We did it!

This goal may seem a bit pointless or even ego-driven, but having our nourishing foods spanning our beautiful country is an important step in spreading our message to all Canadians. We produce foods that are sourced, produced, and shared with a huge amount of care and love. Our ingredients come from family-run farms, our production is done in partnership with social enterprise organizations that employ folks with intellectual challenges. We believe LOVE is an essential nutrient and we assure you, your MwL foods with give you your Daily Recommended Intake. 



 How would the way you nourished yourself change if you considered LOVE as an essential nutrient in your foods? Choosing foods that have been grown, handled, produced with love nourish in a different way than mass-produced 'food' products. With our Loaded Oats now available Coast - Coast, our soap box has gotten a little bigger and audience a whole lot wider. 

I am humbled to have watched this experience manifest over the last 6 months and can't wait to see how many more of our DREAM BIG goals come to life here at Made with Local. Thank you so much to every. single. human who has supported us so far - you are an integral part of this movement and our story.





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