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Get to Know - Loaded Oats!

Get to Know - Loaded Oats!

We MwL ladies are die-hard oatmeal lovers. Every morning starts with a bowl, devoured and washed down with a mug of something hot & caffeinated. Being eyeball-deep in our RealFood Bars since 2012 and perfecting their recipes using Maritime-produced ingredients, we realized about a year ago that we could also make a hot cereal using some of those same foods.

Who’s Involved?

We contacted the amazing folks at Speerville Mill in New Brunswick and chatted with them about our ideas for a 100% locally-sourced instant oatmeal. They developed a special cut of oatmeal for us, and it is the best of both worlds! Cooks up in a flash (90 seconds!) but has the amazing texture and nuttiness of a steel cut oat, without slaving over a stove for 20 minutes. We’ve added flaxseed from Valley Flax Flour in Middleton, NS and dried fruit fromTerra Beata in Lunenburg, NS. These 3 main ingredients are it – no added salt, sugar, no weird stuff. It’s how we roll!

The Quick and Yummy

Organic oats, mixed with flax and berries (apple flavour soon to come!).
They can be cooked in the microwave, stovetop, or with boiling water from the kettle.
Each bag contains 10 servings – each serving has 240cal, 9g fibre, 9g protein. And, it’s 100% local ingredients. Loaded Oats, we have a food crush on you.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase them right HERE on our website and we’ll ship ‘em to your door, Canada-wide! Kids love them and they’re awesome to keep on hand for a quick breakfast at work, while travelling, camping, you name it! This summer we’ll be sending them along on some adventures, for sure.

For those of you in the Dartmouth/Halifax area, Noggins in Dartmouth and Pete’s in Bedford carry them, too! We’ll be announcing more stores in the next couple of months. Retailers, message us at madewithlocal(at)gmail(dot)come for more info

Our Mission

We’ve formed fantastic relationships with some of the most innovative farmers & food producers in Eastern Canada. They’ve found a way to turn their land, time, resources into foods that are clean, ethical, and nourishing. It’s our mission to tell their stories and spread the #locallove! Loaded Oats connects you with these farmers & food producers; all while feeding your body with the best breakfast a dollar can buy.

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015.